Beyond any doubt, we are in a situation that we have never been before in modern times. Besides the health impact, the crisis has a big pressure on the financial system.

Almost all industries have been turned upside down by the COVID-Crisis but the hospitality industry has been stopped and been affected the most. And to turn back to the numbers before the crisis, won’t be easy and it may need some couple of years.

Hotels are the establishment that operates 24/7 so apart from changing, even development is a very slow process. That’s why in 21. Century, even big brands couldn’t succeed to adapt to the digital era as needed. Now it is very obvious, digitalization is not an extra anymore, it is a “must” for the hotels and these crisis days can be used as an opportune time to integrate into the digital world.

At this stage, there are some digitalization projections that Hotelizy can help Hotels to shorten the recovery time after the crisis;

• Psychical-social distancing: Hotelizy’s first goal is to digitalize the human interaction and to reduce the time and problems arising out of guest-personnel, personnel-personnel communication. For example, guests can order food to the room and he can choose the “Contactless Delivery” and when delivery left on the room’s door, a notification will be sent to the in-room tablet.

• Cleaning: Phil Cordell, Global Head of New Brand Development at Hilton, says; “Hotels have always been about clean but now it is going to be about clean with a double exclamation point!” Hotels and guests will show extra attention to cleaning. With Hotelizy, the guest can see when the housekeeper cleaned the room with details and this will prevent any fail to notice. Plus, this will provide a better-staying experience feeling to the guest.

• No more room-phone: Because of close usage to the mouth, room phones will be the devices that guests try to be away the most. And its disinfection is more difficult compared to a flat-surface tablet. The collection of all communication channels in one-tablet will provide the guest with a safer feeling of staying.

• No need menu, paper, pencil in rooms: With digitalization, hotels have real-time updated room-service menu, so the no need to print room-menu. Also with the instant feedback feature, no need to leave feedback notebook, pencil and tools to the room.

Besides those, Hotelizy supports hotel management by providing them with a high-quality, safer, and measurable service opportunity. It also increases in-house sales, reservations, and helps to recover faster.

In the end, there is a variety of ways how to recover the loss from these unexpected and challenging times. Taking the actions with digitalization will help hotels return to doing business as usual.

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