Obviously, although the hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, it couldn’t catch the new century as expected.

Communication problems between personnel, cause bulk, and unneeded personnel numbers. Also, communication problems between personnel and hotel guests, cause low service quality feelings and low sale capacity. Besides those, outdated room service menu, reprint necessity of menu every week/month, insignificant and old-fashioned banner commercials of hotel facilities, language problems between the guest and reception, the hardness of high number personnel management, etc. bring about not working as full-capacity and a big amount of money loss for the hotel.

Hotelizy is developed to minimize all these problems and maximize hotel profit and customer satisfaction. With a tablet in each room in the hotel, the hotel guest can call a technician, order foods, make a reservation to in-house or out restaurants or facilities, also he can check what to see in the city, can buy a ticket and attend events, call transportation options, etc. All these requests are managed by an AI-based smart Hotelizy system and it doesn’t require any talks between personnel or hotel guest.

When the hotel guest called an electric technician for changing a nonworking bulb, the system automatically checks all personnel’s current work list, guesses remaining working times, finds the most convenient personnel and sends a notification to his phone about the guest’s request. Hotel management can monitor the status of the hotel like; identifying the chronic problems of rooms, which personnel working how many hours, what is the inventory of the wines, and all information in real-time.

Hotelizy, with the AI-based smart management system, learns the dynamics of the hotel and it calculates all management with this information. Hotels can increase the sales up and decrease the expenses as low as possible. Plus, customer satisfaction brings more sales and more new customers.

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